AssetWise Real-Time Asset Management System

AssetWise is a new generation asset management platform driven by business and viewed from the perspective of Party A. It is the cornerstone of building security operation. AssetWise can realize the automatic discovery and identification of full assets, improve the asset portrait, achieve the goal of asset risk self governance, provide a unified view of assets for security operation, and improve the efficiency of asset risk discovery and risk disposal.
  • Assets are not updated in time
  • Incomplete asset information
  • Inaccurate asset details
  • No perception of asset changes
  • Lack of control over temporary assets
  • unified visibility across cloud and on-premises, across all assets and entities in an organization to provide real-time insight into security posture and cyber risk;
  • Map network relationships between assets to identify security coverage gaps, misconfigurations, and policy violations, and prioritize solutions based on business risk.
Traditional Asset Management/CMDB
No longer sufficient for modern IT/security
Real-time, automated and linkable asset governance needs
Continuously automated security monitoring and improvement of digital assets, forming an aggregated cloud asset model, and realizing automatic discovery, identification and governance of assets.
Core Competence
The AssetWise scheme of foggy intelligence has helped us make a big step in the automatic discovery, identification and governance of assets. Clearing the house is the foundation of subsequent automatic operation, and has brought great help to our security operation at present.
——XX securities company case
AssetWise gives me for the first time that confidence of having global control over all information assets, especially the asset relationship topology map, providing us with a revolutionary new means of bulk asset vulnerability discovery and management.
——Internet Finance Customers
The whole group has dozens of branches, hundreds of thousands of information assets, lack of means for daily management, and risk management is extremely challenging. Only after AssetWise went live did I realize that there are still so many shadow assets and zombie assets... Now, my team and I can use AssetWise to cooperate with SOAR scripts to automatically discover, identify and manage assets, which is much more advanced and easier.
——Manufacturing Group Customers
Customer value
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