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was founded in April 2019,is a high-tech company focusing on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) technologies in China. The company focuses on combining AI technology and real-life application scenarios to help enterprises liberate productivity by significantly improving automation levels.

Team introduction

The core staff of the founding team comes from Huawei, Vipshop, Thousand Locations, Xiaomi and other enterprises with strict requirements for security risk governance. Many of the founders have served as chief security officer, security chief, chief architect of Internet enterprises; they also have multiple identities such as MVP of Ali Cloud, TVP of Tencent Cloud and founder of CRUG. Rich experience in front-line security attack and defense and experience in almost all areas of the security industry, is an important reason for the priority of the core technology of WuZhi Intelligent in the field of information network security landing.  

K2 Lab:K2 Lab belongs to Shanghai WuZhi Intelligent Technology Co. The lab focuses on technology research and application innovation, combining cutting-edge academic results of artificial intelligence with real-life application scenarios to make machines become better partners for humans.      

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