HoneyGuide Intelligent Risk Decision System™

The security cooperative operation platform with AI (Artificial Intelligence) + SOAR (security arrangement, automation and response) as the core helps the security team accelerate threat response and disposal, improve operation automation and realize risk adaptive governance through virtual operation room, AI machine and visualplaybook orchestration.
  • Security incidents occur frequently, and enterprises are tired of fighting fires
  • Limited personnel level and lack of stable play
  • Insufficient enterprise resources and rising costs
  • The happiness index of network security practitioners decreased
  • Through virtual war room and AI robot Solve the problem of human-computer cooperation in the response process of security incidents;
  • Through SOAR orchestration automation technology Solve the problem that the emergency response process relies too much on manual work;
Secure orchestration, automation, and event response with soar solutions
Leverage your security team and technology
The automated emergency response based on SOAR technology upgrades the incident process that originally required human participation into a security playbook. Security playbook realizes automatic emergency response through the visual self-assembly and arrangement of human, machine, system and other participating elements and links in the incident handling process; when necessary, manual links can also be added to realize human-machine collaboration and accelerate security emergency response.
Every year, we have to invest a large number of on site personnel in the actual attack and defense drill. After the use of al+soar, the number of on-site watchmen has dropped by80% this year, which is very efficient!
——Customer of a provincial operation bank
Frankly speaking, in the past, due to insufficient manpower and limited resources, alarm fatigue and alarm neglect were common. After launching the foggy smart honeyguide product, the efficiency of security incident handling has been improved by dozens or even hundreds of times. I used to be too busy to eat. Now I finally have time to have a cup of tea.
——An energy industry group customer
There are a lot of repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as emergency disposal, attack traceability, security analysis, fault diagnosis, system Patrol inspection, statistical reporting, etc. After the deployment of honeyguide, we have achieved 60% security scenario automation. In the future, we will further increase the landing of soar technology in security scenarios.
——The public of the family lepidopteridae
When I first came into contact with the fog baby robot, I was shocked. Unexpectedly, the original Mi man-machine association can still play like this in the f-war. Great!
——An automobile manufacturing merchant
Through the android/ios mobile app of the Honeywell product, security personnel can participate in emergency response to security incidents anytime, anywhere. Managers can view the dashboard in real time, drill into the details of the event, supervise the event handling at a glance, and accelerate the emergency response.
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